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Home office installation example - desk, monitor arm and storage unit

Get your office desk installed

Need a home office desk or a set of desks for your corporate location installed? Check our office furniture installation services. We work fast in the Greater Toronto Area.

Office furniture services

Office2Day has installed, moved and reconfigured office furniture since 2015. We work with interior designers, companies and individuals to deliver and install office furniture. Learn more about each of these services.

Office furniture installation

Office2Day offers office furniture installation and reconfiguration, including cubicles, tables, chairs, soundproof booths, walls and document storage units.

Office moving

Are you changing your office location? Let us know and we’ll move your office furniture within the Greater Toronto Area. Office2Day can move office furniture of any size. Let’s talk about your office furniture move.

Office reconfiguration

Remodelling your office or just changing the location and need your existing office furniture reconfigured for the new space? Bring us on your project and we’ll reconfigure your office furniture in record time and within the budget.

Office manager’s guide

Start your journey with the office manager’s guide to office furniture. Find the articles on everything you need to know to create a productive office space environment.

Office Furniture Rentals for Small Businesses

Office Furniture Rentals for Small Businesses

In this article, we will explore the advantages of office furniture rentals, provide best practices to ensure a smooth rental experience, offer valuable tips for dealing with vendors, and present a real-life case study of a company's decision to rent rather than buy...