Height-adjustable Office Desk


A sturdy and reliable height-adjustable office desk that will make your work hours fly by. This desk can be automatically adjusted as both a sit-down office desk or standing office desk. Suitable both for home office or a multi-desk corporate furniture setup. Scroll below for tips on choosing a perfect height-adjustable office desk.

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This product can be purchased both as a separate height-adjustable base (default price) or along with a table top that fits your current office space in size and colour. Please use product selection options above to choose if you’d like the base alone or if you prefer it with a top.

Top finish options

Choose from 3 top finish options: Espresso, Newport Grey and White. Make this table top fit your existing office space.

Top size options

Choosing to purchase the top with this base opens a number of top size options including: 48x24in, 48x30in, 54x24in, 54x30in, 60x24in and 60x30in. Choose the size that’s right for your current office setting.

Adjustable height options

This adjustable-height office desk has both manual and memory controls. Manual controls (up and down arrows) will bring the desk up or down to fit the user’s height precisely. Memory pads memorize up to 3 height options. Using the memory buttons you can adjust the desk exactly where you need it every time you switch from sitting to standing working position.

Installation options

This height-adjustable office desk is delivered disassembled. You can either assemble yourself or choose to installation option. Our office furniture installation option is per piece of furniture and includes expedited delivery.

Power but quiet motor

Powerful dual-motor lift system for adjusting the height smoothly, evenly and quickly at a speed of 1’’/second with low noise. The quiet and fast movement improves focus and efficiency.

Strong materials

Heavy-duty powder coating steel frame is stable and solid enough to allow for a 225lbs load capacity, strong support for your ideal working space.

How to choose an ergonomic office desk?

There’s a lot of content around choosing the right ergonomic office. We went through a lot of articles to find this one. It’s got just enough details on what you need to know before buying a great office desk. Please note that we’re no way affiliated with the site, we just think that the article does a great job answering the question.

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